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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko: “If We Want a Future, We Must Have Peace”




Dear Friends!

I’m a Disabled Person (First Class); I don’t have hands and feet. Yet, I decided to fight for truth, for peace, and for freedom without fascism and Nazism, as well as against the current Ukrainian government, which murders its own people, killing children and the elderly, and destroying infrastructure. I was in Donetsk; I saw the grief and tragedy there. It’s scary that our children are dying there today. More than 200 children have died already from this unnecessary civil war. Today, I want to reach out to all my soul-mates, those who believe as I do. Let’s join the international flash mob #хватитубивать for the children of the Donbass. I want to emphasise that not only the fate of the Donbass depends on what all of us do. I wish for peace everywhere. If we want a future, we must have peace.


Aleksei Zhuravko

8 March 2017


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