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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Seven Conspiracy Theories That Aren’t Actually Conspiracy Theories

Yes… there are conspiracy theories pushed by the likes of Trump, Palin, Ryan, et al… and by Clinton, Carville, Obama, and the MSM. I’d say that both sides of the duopoly share an agenda (the enrichment of the One Percent and fuck-all to the rest of us) and that they deploy lies in the service of that agenda. That’s simply logic, not a conspiracy…


The most dastardly deeds conducted by governments and big non-government bodies aren’t secrets. They’re out in the open. The problem is that we ignore them rather than they suppress them. The internet and social media are wonderful places. They constitute a marketplace of ideas, but like any marketplace, some watches are Rolex and some are fakes. One could lament the fact that some liberals and globalists still use social media, but free speech is free speech. One has to take the inane with the profound.

However, adding to the chorus of annoyance isn’t just those reading from the post-modern liberal, non-denominational, trans-human, inter-species hymn-sheet. There are also wild conspiracy theorists. They come in all intellectual shapes and sizes. There is a big difference between questioning more and being a conspiracy theorist. Questioning more means the following:

  • Challenging pervasive narratives both from inside and outside the establishment
  • Question the ethics and morality of all forms of authority
  • Questioning whether the things designed to keep us safe are actually causing us harm
  • Questioning whether the supposed causes and justifications for war are true or just

These are just some examples. However, if one takes even a casual look at Facebook or Twitter, one can find myriad conspiracy theories. There are of course some genuine dark conspiracies, but much of what conspiracy theorists agonise about is an “open conspiracy”. It’s not that they suppress the truth as much as we ignore it. Most of what people think is done by a dark gloved hand is there for all to see, so long as they take the time to see it. The following examples are open facts that many tend to distort by pretending they’re part of a deeper conspiracy.

1. The Deep State

The deep state manifestly exists. It’s a concept to denote the broadly uniform agenda pushed for by individuals in organisations like the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, NSA, big finance, and members of Congress. None of these things is secret. To take one example… arms-makers want to sell, war allows them to sell more, members of the government who are on the take from arms dealers (in one way or another) will push for war. It’s logic, not metaphysics.

2. Russia and the Donbass

Here is one from the liberal MSM side of things. Contrary to popular myth (enforced by the MSM), not all conspiracy theories are from alternative media and certainly, not all are from the libertarian right. The conspiracy theory goes, “Russia invaded the Donbass”. Well, Russia hasn’t invaded the Donbass, although even if they did, it wouldn’t be so much an invasion as it would be de-facto recognition of the sovereignty of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics. If it existed, it’d be Russia aiding a fraternal friend. Many in Russia and the Donbass want that to happen. Nevertheless, the current Russian government has thus far aimed at solving the conflict without coming to the military assistance of their allies. Russia took a different approach to its friends in the legitimate government of Syria.

Next, the MSM conspiracy theorists say, “There are Russian weapons in the Donbass”. Of course, there are. There are Russian weapons all over the globe because like US weapons, they mass-produced them over several decades. In the case of the Donbass, most Russian weapons are old-Soviet models taken from the increasingly defeated fledgling Ukrainian/Kiev army. One can find Russian weapons everywhere from Angola to Lebanon. If you can found them there, of course, they’re in former Soviet territory on the border of the modern Russian Federation. It’s not rocket science, it’s just some old rockets that one can easily purchase virtually anywhere in the world.

3. Israel-Palestine 

Many Israeli politicians want to annex what is left of Palestine. This isn’t a conspiracy; it’s a stated agenda. Its advocates don’t hide it. The fact that many in the wider world don’t care about this agenda shows that either they’re in league with the interests of such politicians or that they simply are indifferent. Again, nothing secretive.

4. Régime-Change

Obama said, “Assad must go”. Obama tried to get him to go and he failed.

Bush said, “Saddam must go”, and he went.

Hillary & Co said, “Gaddafi must go”, and he went. She even gloated about it on camera, saying, “We came, we saw, he died”. Far from a closeted conspiracy, Hillary Clinton waved her blood-soaked hands for the world to see.

Clear open facts easily debunked the lies that the aforementioned figures used to sell their régime-change agenda. Those “questioning more” did so then. The sad reality that those with vested interests didn’t listen was because they simply didn’t care about the facts. They were and remain driven by their agenda.

5. Surveillance State 

Many speculated that US government agencies of the have the means to spy on private citizens. Edward Snowden and the Wikileaks Vault 7 release detailed just how they accomplished this. The beauty of Wikileaks is that it provides facts for the often intelligent speculation that the powers-that-be deride as wild conspiracy theories. Here one sees that intelligent speculation is different from making up a complex web of Illuminati-controlled reptilians who seek to do what the very real CIA is doing with apparent ease.

6. The EU

Many think that the EU is a dark conspiracy that intends to erode the sovereignty of nation-states. European leaders from Monet and Schuman to Junker and Barroso said just this. Just because their speeches are often too boring to listen to, doesn’t mean that they aren’t making them. Such men favour closer European integration and “harmonisation” (homogenisation) to create a single united Europe. Agree or disagree with the goal, but don’t say it’s supine.

7. George Soros

Many conspiracy theorists say that Soros is using his vast finances to fund violent protests, which are often the prelude to régime-change. HE IS! Moreover, he says so, as do the websites of his organisations like Move On and Open Society. The scary thing about Soros isn’t that he’s secretive. The scary thing is that Western governments and the UN allow him to use his wealth to destabilise sovereign states, defying international law.

I’m sympathetic with those who look for a hidden hand in all foul acts and deeds. Sometimes, people feel powerless before the fact that grave injustices exist in the world. However, as Shakespeare said, “The fault… is not in the stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings”. The best way to fight the problems arising from open conspiracies against justice, morality, and legality, is to fight them in the open using facts and opinions derived from a thorough analysis of those facts.

11 March 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran



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