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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Расплата приходит всегда… Payback Always Comes


In the late 1940s, the Galician locals helped the Sovs root out the Uniate/schismo nationalists. You see, the bulk of the terrorists’ victims were locals who refused to help them. Payback was a motherfucker then… it still is…


Dear Friends!

All that our current criminal authorities do is to kill and loot their own people, causing devastation and ruin in their own country. They WILL answer for all of their crimes. All those who take part in such crimes, and who those help the perps won’t get away with it. Here in Kherson, unknown parties reminded the criminals of today’s regime of what punishment will come.

Payback always comes.

Расплата приходит всегда.


Alexei Zhuravko

14 March 2017



God willing, payback will come for the enablers of the junta such as Chrystia Freeland. She lied, knowing full well the truth. The apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree… her grandfather aided the fascists; she aided the fascists. Tells you a bit about Uniate and schismo nationalists, doesn’t it? They’ll ally with anyone who’ll allow them to actualise their scumbag notions of “Ukrainian nationalism”. Who cares if innocents die? They don’t give a rat’s ass. They didn’t then… they don’t now.

Payback IS a motherfucker. Those who don’t make it to Toronto or Chicago will end with the relatives of their victims levelling an AK at their heads… no one will cry for their vile souls. Sic semper tyrannis


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