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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko on the Ukrainian-Canadian FTA: Canada Continues to Help the Fascist Ideology Grow in the Ukraine

Aleksei Zhuravko is a tight bro with “Texas” Bentley… what better recommendation do you need?


Junta chieftain Poroshenko wrote this on Facebook:

This is an important day for relations between the Ukraine and Canada. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his coöperation and dedication to the strengthening of relations with the Ukraine. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Chrystia Freeland, formerly Minister of Trade, and now Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada. The free world is confident in the future, they support the Ukraine’s positions. Signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Canada recognises the progress of our country on the path of reform. It’s a symbol of confidence in the principles and values of the way that we do business in the Ukraine today, [standards] we formed according to the best standards and practises. Therefore, the ratification and subsequent entry into force of an FTA with Canada will be an important signal to our international partners and potential investors worldwide.

Aleksei Zhuravko, former Peoples Deputy in the Ukrainian Verkhovnaya Rada, noted:

Poroshenko solved nothing with this FTA between the Ukraine and Canada. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now in the hands of people who don’t know how to carry on correct political discourse with other countries. This isn’t to their credit. After all, Canada always supported the neo-Fascists [in the Ukraine], [so they support the] current fascist régime. Furthermore, you know very well that Canada has a museum of these murderers, of the scumbags [who make up the] fascist régime. Therefore, Canada continues to help fascist ideology grow in the Ukraine.

14 March 2017

KhAN Kharkov News Agency



This is an act of desperation on the part of the junta… only two countries support the junta wholeheartedly… the USA and Canada. In the first, career operatives in the DoD, State Department, and the CIA want to use the fascist junta to weaken Russia’s geostrategic position. In the second, Canadians of Galician Uniate descent wield electoral power in Western Canada. That is, Trudeau is pandering to a domestic political pressure group, not responding to real-world realities. With extreme misgiving, Poroshenko is trying to hold onto to power in any way that he can. Most people in Eastern Europe (especially, in the former USSR) believe that the junta is a dead duck. I agree with that. What’s going on now is meaningless political kabuki. I’d say that the junta members had best prepare their ways to the exit… otherwise, the relatives of their victims will point an AK at their heads and gladly pull the trigger.

Payback IS a motherfucker…



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Zakharchenko sez Contact Line Between the DNR and Junta-Controlled Territory is Now a State Border


According to a decree issued by Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Head of State A V Zakharchenko, the contact line between the DNR and junta-controlled territory is now an official state border. The text of the decree appeared on the DNR MGB official website. According to the document, individuals can cross the line of contact only at border control points with mandatory registration. Control over the decree’s implementation is in the hands of the DNR MGB, the DNR Ministry of Revenue, and the DNR MVD. A text message from the MGB read:

The DNR MGB warns, in re paragraph 4 of this decree, that any activities related to illegal crossing of the line of contact or organising illegal exit or entry into the DNR will be actionable under the DNR Criminal Code, namely Article 378 “Illegal Crossing of the State Border”.

On 3 March, Zakharchenko announced:

There’s no longer any Ukrainian jurisdiction here. We’ve cut all ties with the Ukraine, as we’re at war with them. Yes, we sold coal to them; we needed money to pay our people. However, because we’re now under blockade, we’ve authorised a mutual blockade against the Ukraine.

At the end of January, former military operatives who’d served in the Donbass, including deputies of the Ukrainian Verkhovnaya Rada, blocked rail links with the DNR and LNR.

13 March 2017

RIA Novosti


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