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Sunday, 19 March 2017



According to astute librarians at Harvard University, your very own Russia Insider is corrupting America’s youth and we should consider it a gateway drug to exposing yourself to new ideas that might actually challenge your worldview. Who knows? It’s college… anything can happen. When we were in college, students strapped boxed wine to their bellies to use as makeshift alcohol udders. So, thinking outside the box is the logical next step, we suppose. However, honestly, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and stay far, far away from that vile internet URL, “russia-insider.com”.

Our friend Stephen Lendman (who also happens to be a Harvard graduate) was the first to come across their amazing list of excellent news and commentary resources. Therefore, we tip our hat to him. Actually, we’re very grateful to Harvard for the shout-out, because it provided a good excuse for us to comment on two important world issues. For one, we often use a literary device called “metaphor”. Here are two recent examples of Russia Insider publishing “clickbait” fake news:

  • Mark Zuckerberg has Stroke After Russian Insider Posts Harmless Cartoon
  • German Foreign Minister Throws Merkel Under the Volkswagen

We just did some fact-checking… Mark Zuckerberg did not have a stroke! Angela Merkel is unharmed and in good health, aside from the bruises she received last night from her Dresden dominatrix. We’re very thankful that Harvard University protected its children from these outrageous transparent lies, and Russia Insider should be ashamed for trying to bring some levity to a rather unfortunate situation (The Year 2017).

Anyone who “warns”, “advises”, “suggests”, or “threatens” someone against reading something is deeply fearful and pathologically insecure. Unfortunately, Harvard University isn’t the only institution that has issued a fatwa against Russia Insider. “So it goes”. However, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite everyone… including the impressionable young people at Harvard… to make up their own minds about what they should read. We know it’s a radical concept, but Russia insider feels very strongly about exposing ourselves and our readers to new ideas… even ideas that sometimes we don’t agree with at all. As we wrote not long ago:

Over the last two years, Russia Insider has been home to articles, videos, and opinion pieces by people and organisations that span the entire political spectrum. We opened our doors to straight-up Bolsheviks, White Russian monarchists, progressives, alt-righters, hippies, neoliberals, ultranationalists, etc. etc. etc. As a result, we probably offend no less than 25 percent of our readership every day. Trust us; it’s good for you. There was a time… not so long ago… when people were actually capable of encountering ideas they didn’t like without melting into a blob of self-righteous sadness.

We don’t have training in matters related to psychology, but when we see someone screaming about what people shouldn’t read, we immediately think:

There’s someone who’s scared shitless.

The End

16 March 2017

Russian Insider



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