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Monday, 3 April 2017

The New 8th Combined-Arms Army of the Russian Federation Armed Forces will “Deal With” the Ukraine

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The [Russian Armed Forces] will form the new 8th Combined-Arms Army in the Southern Military District. According to the plan, its headquarters will be in Novocherkassk. The units will be in Rostov and Volgograd Oblasts. According to experts, this new formation will be one of the most important elements in ensuring the security of the Russian Federation in the south. Viktor Murakhovski, chief editor of Арсенал Отечества (Arsenal Otchestva: Arsenal of the Fatherland) pointed up:

Plans call for initial work to finish in June 2017. The headquarters and staff will be up and running, with the requisite communications channels to deployed units, army services, and other formations. The exact TO&E of the new unit isn’t yet finalised. However, most likely, it’d contain the newly-raised 150th Motor-Rifle Division, also based in Novocherkassk. In addition, it’d likely contain the 20th Guards Motor-Rifle Brigade in Volgograd. Recently, Minister of Defence S K Shoigu set out the goal of creating a self-contained combined-arms all-services unit.

no date (late March 2017?)

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