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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

OFFICIAL President Putin Expressed His Condolences to the Families of Those Killed and Injured in the St Petersburg Metro Explosion



There were dead and injured in the recent St Petersburg Metro explosion. I want to express my most sincere regret and sympathy to the relatives of the victims. I’ve already talked to the heads of the special services, FSB Director A V Bortnikov, law enforcement officials, and special services operatives. I’ve urged them to do everything in order to identify the causes of the incident so that we can come to a full understanding of what happened. If needed, local and federal officials will take all necessary measures in order to provide support to the families of those killed and injured. It’s still too early to say what happened, it’s not yet clear. The investigation will show [us what happened]. Naturally, we always consider all options… domestic and criminal and manifestations of a terrorist nature… let’s see. In the near future, the investigation will give us all the answers to what happened in this tragedy.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

President of the Russian Federation

3 April 2017


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