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Thursday, 6 April 2017

6 April 2017. US Navy Fires 60 Cruise Missiles at Syria… Insanity Rules in Washington… the Evil Empire on the Rampage Again


The US Navy fired 6o cruise missiles at a Syrian military base. This is insane and reckless. What if one of the missiles had killed a Russian soldier? After the CIA sabotage of the Tu-154 carrying the Aleksandrov Ensemble and Dr Liza and the terakt in Piter (apparently) carried out by Langley’s ISIS stooges, that could turn into a casus belli. The USA is goading Russia, mainly, so that Trump can divert attention from his utter failure as a politician and administrator. We’re now in a very dangerous situation. The USA is doing things without proper forethought or planning. If US forces struck the wrong target… God do help us… after all, the average “conservative” has the brains of a gnat and the viciousness of a rabid dog.

We now know who the Evil Empire in the Cold War was… it wasn’t the USSR… if you needed proof that the Anglo American Establishment is the prime source of evil in the present world, this is that…



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