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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Famous Master Dollmaker Irina Medyantseva Died in the Petersburg Metro Terakt



Her dolls with big sad eyes are extraordinarily touching, enjoying incredible popularity with collectors. On 3 April, on that ill-fated day, Irina rode the bus to see her daughter. They entered the Metro at Sennaya Ploshchad station. Irina gave her dolls such unusual names… Дождик (Dozhdik: Rainie), Домовой Сеня (Domovoi Senya: House Brownie), and Ангелы весны (Angely vesny: Angel of Spring). Her husband Aleksandr Kaminsky wrote on his social network page:

What sorrow! I lost my beloved wife.

Her niece Masha Levkina wrote:

My aunt died in the terakt in the St Petersburg Metro. Her daughter was with her… she’s now in hospital. Our family is shocked. I never thought that such a disaster would touch my family…

We rang up her husband Aleksandr, who was at the morgue. He told us:

They just got on the Metro at Sennaya Ploshchad. I immediately rang my daughter, who told me what happened. It’s horrible! Such sorrow!

Irina’s daughter is 30-years-old… she’s out of danger. Aleksandr said:

Glory to God, the doctors gave us a good prognosis. However, nothing will bring back my wife.

Irina made dolls on a professional basis for 15 years. Collectors highly value her creations.

4 April 2017

Dina Karpitskaya

Komsomolskaya Pravda



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