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Friday, 7 April 2017

ISIS Launches Offensive Near Airbase Targeted by USA


A local military source informed us that ISIS forces in the eastern countryside of Homs Governorate launched a powerful offensive this morning. Capitalising on US missile strikes, ISIS stormed Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoints near the strategic town of al-Furqalas. According to local sources, ISIS has yet to make any gains near Al-Fuqalas, but without necessary air support, the situation could worsen in the coming hours. Shayrat Airbase is one of the Syrian Air Force’s most important installations in the fight against ISIS due to its proximity to the Palmyra and Deir Ezzor fronts.

7 April 2017

AMN al-Masdar News



If you needed proof that the Anglos and ISIS are allies… this is that. You see, how did ISIS know that this particular airbase would be a target? Of course… their Langley minders told them! The truth is coming out… the USA and ISIS and the KSA are all bosom buddies. Evil is afoot and the USA is its willing midwife.

“Moral superiority”… I think not!



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