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Friday, 7 April 2017

Liar! Five Promises Broken by Donald Trump in 24 Hours


In the early hours of 7 April 2016, Donald Trump violated every essence of his most endearing campaign promises. He became everything he claimed to hate, he has told every lie he once criticised others for telling, and gone to a war none of his most steadfast supporters wants. The one thing Trump has remained is efficient; in a matter of hours, he broke virtually every single foreign policy promise he made during his campaign, inauguration speech, and speech to Congress. I can’t remember as many promises broken as rapidly. Here’s a short list of promises Trump broke on this day.

  • Peace with Russia

By attacking a country Russia aided in a war against terrorism and apparently destroying some of the infrastructural capabilities of Syria to fight its war against terrorism, Donald Trump brought US-Russian relations lower than they were even during the Cold War and I’d include the Cuban Missile Crisis in that calculation. Trump hasn’t just invaded a Russian ally (like Vietnam), he invaded a country where Russia deploys troops and military aircraft. This is even lower than the levels to which Obama stooped.

  • Non-Intervention in the Middle East

No explanation required.

  • Assad Isn’t the Problem

Just this week, the Trump White House said that régime change in Syria was off the table. Now, Trump begins a war for régime change.

  • America First 

This war puts terrorism, Turkish interests, Israeli interests, Qatari interests, and Saudi interests above the safety of the American people.

  • Knock the Hell Out of ISIS

ISIS praised Trump and are on the offensive for the first time in months.

Everyone from Vladimir Putin, Russian opposition leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, President Assad himself, and many figures in alternative media were either supportive of Trump or willing to give him a chance they wouldn’t normally give any other US President. That trust is now shattered. The support is now gone. Donald Trump is a liar. The only question is this… was he made “an offer he couldn’t refuse” by a Deep State who wanted him out of office or did Trump betray world peace and all of his promises of his own volition? If the leaks from his White House continue, we might find out. However, as it is, the leaks will probably stop. This placated the leakers. Perhaps, as Gaddafi realised when his newly found western “partners” betrayed him, you can’t trust any western leaders? This is a question that many must now ponder.

7 April 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran



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