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Monday, 10 April 2017

10 April 2017. American Lies Deepen on Syrian Strike… You May Believe General Konashenkov or You May Believe Trump’s Drooling Lapdog Mattis, But Not Both


The lies around the American strike on Syria deepen and multiply. US SecDef Mattis boasted that the strike destroyed 20 percent of the Syrian Air Force. General Konashenkov of the Minoborony stated that six aircraft were lost. US officials claimed that they notified Russia of the strike… Russian sources deny this. One of these things is not like the other! In short, you may believe the American version or the Russian version, but not both. Americans are notorious liars and boasters… Russians are more circumspect and reserved. Note well that the Americans refuse to acknowledge that 60 percent of their weapons didn’t hit the target. The Russian statement was precise… 23 TLAMs hit the base per objective tracking. That means that 36 didn’t… but General Konashenkov didn’t tell us what happened to them (probably, shot down or had their guidance fried by Russian ECM). That is, the strike was a bust. Note well that none of the American sources points up that Russian warships and PVO units now have open and explicit orders to shoot down all American drones or missiles. None of the American sources reports that Russia is strengthening SAM and ECM capabilities in Syria. None of the American sources reports on the Russian response in the UN nor do they report the official response found on Kremlin.ru.

This is worrisome in the extreme… Washington is offering us a reality-free fantasy full of braggadocio… Russia offers us a hardheaded, sober, and clear response. That’s a recipe for disaster… dear good God, help us…



10 April 2017. Houston, We Had a Problem, But It’s Back Up and Running

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Had a slight glitch with internet connectivity… but everything’s copacetic and up to par again.


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