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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

11 April 2017. Here’s the “Destroyed” Airbase… Lindsay Graham is Pissed Off… GOOD!


Look at the above image. Look at it well, kids… it’s the airbase “destroyed” by the Americans. Firstly, TLAMs aren’t weapons designed for use against hardened targets. Hardened aircraft revetments such as the one shown can take a direct hit from a 1,000-kilo bomb and survive (damaged, but the aircraft sheltered would be unharmed). The TLAM has two warheads… a 450-kilo HE variant or a cassette that launches small submunitions. Obviously, the latter is useless against hard targets… the former has an airburst fuse, which means that the explosive force is aboveground. This means that none of the TLAMs could penetrate any of the hardened structures, as that would require a direct hit, and TLAMs simply don’t have that capability. The TLAMs destroyed “soft” structures such as maintenance hangers, but couldn’t even damage the hardened facilities at this base. Furthermore, note the Russian-style segmented runway. This is to ease the removal of damaged panels to speed repair of battle damage. Remember, only 23 TLAMs struck this base. It was equivalent to four normally loaded FA-18 strike aircraft. That isn’t massive in anyone’s book. Also, notice the blackened areas on the hardened revetment. It’s clear that a TLAM detonated above it and the hardened shelter reacted exactly as its designers intended… that is, the structure absorbed the blast without structural deficits. In short, all the hoorah from Washington is pure bullshit and hokum.

By the way… here’s one last thing as a sign of how detached from reality Washington is… Senator Lindsay Graham is angry that the Syrian forces started using the base again the day after the “strike”… “Assad is telling us, ‘Fuck you'”. Indeed, he is…

The Anglo toddlers are throwing a tantrum. However, I’d observe that Anglos are never more dangerous than when they’re vexed… they’re “morally superior” and “exceptional”, dontcha know…


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