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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko: Today’s Ukrainian Authorities Could Bring on “Chernobyl Redux”


Dear Friends!


Not for the first time, I’m writing to you to tell you that those incompetent know-alls who flaunt themselves as today’s Ukrainian authorities are leading us to a catastrophe… both industrial deterioration and an energy crisis. Besides that, they could lead us into a fatal situation; their actions could bring on “Chernobyl Redux”. Such an affair could bring consequences that our posterity could never repair. Most of all, it’d affect your children’s lives. The world community doesn’t see, notice, or even realise that these power-wielding barbarians can not only lead the Ukraine into chaos but can also affect Europe and the entire post-Soviet space. I’ll tell you one thing… if sensible Ukrainians don’t come to their senses, if they don’t stand up, then, the Ukraine will suffer great misery and pain.


This is what the advent to power of these gatecrashing thieves and murderers is leading us to. The effects are already visible. It hurts me to watch it all.

In Respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

Aleksei Zhuravko



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Patriarch St Tikhon on Vengeance


Today, many suffer resentment and frustration. They urge you to thirst for vengeance; they’d put a sword into your hands. Orthodox Rus would see carnage; people would see enemies everywhere. So far, what we’ve had is minor… a most serious test and agony lay ahead. However, never… never… deify or reach for the sword. Don’t do it. Don’t wish to wield it. Truly, in these current parlous days, to repay evil with good is a podvig* in Christ, a legacy and an exemplar for future generations, and an unsurpassed testament and blessing. You’ll build up the indestructible glory and greatness of our Holy Orthodox Church in the Russian Land and even her sworn enemies will call her Holy and laud the purity of the podvig of her ministers and believers. I wish mercy and peace on all those who can accept and follow this.

Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

Epistle of St Paul to the Galatians 6.18

St Tikhon Bellavin

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias


  • Podvig: Should NEVER be “Englished”… one of the most powerful words in the Russian language. There are literally no English equivalents strong enough. Podvig has overtones of “epic”, “heroic”, “bravery”, “self-sacrifice”, “victory”, “effort”, and “triumph”. It’s best to leave it as is, and admit that English lacks the necessary material to give meaning to this word.


To provide context, St Tikhon wrote this in 1919, at the height of the Civil War. I dedicate this translation to Vladimir Saemmler-Hindrichs, who passed yesterday as the result of a stroke. He was a man of good repute and character… although we often didn’t agree. I believe that he would’ve been as touched by this as I was…


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