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Sunday, 16 April 2017

16 April 2017. Keep it Simple… China Wants Peace… Trump Wants War… What Do YOU Want?


The Anglos are clueless (as usual)… they think that the Chinese are backing them and their reckless threats. I’d say this… China doesn’t want American troops on her border… full stop. That’s not up for negotiation. China is ready to intervene if the USA tries attacking the DPRK. The Chinese will cross the Yalu if the Americans try anything. China will back the DPRK, if only as the lesser of two evils (it may topple Kim, but not the communist state). China will NEVER allow the USA to put down the DPRK, and the DPRK knows it. In other words, Trump is spouting shit, yet again. Unfortunately, he’s a bullshitter with access to the nuclear weapons codes… that’s why we must take a care. However, Pence is worse… he’s a religious fanatic who’d use nuclear weapons to hasten the Apocalypse… I kid you not. Trump is bad, but he’s not the worst… do reflect on that. I can assure you that the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians have done so. So should you…



16 April 2017. You Don’t Become Holy by Fighting Evil


The ungrounded think that holiness resides in “purity” and fighting evil. It doesn’t. No way; no how. Holiness consists in overcoming our human inclination to do wrong to others. In short, to “love our neighbour as ourselves”. Until you’ve mastered that, I’d advise you to be silent on others’ faults… and to stop complaining to the bishops about those you consider “unclean”. I think that there are more than a few “logs” in the eyes of the konvertsy out there, wouldn’t you say?


16 April 2017. Fr Vazken on the Resurrection



Some jerk is going to say:

They’re not in communion with us. They’re not Orthodox.

Hey, that’s Orthodoxy for ya… we fight with one another… sometimes, even deny each other the chalice… but we’re one people, one faith, one heart, one soul… for there’s only one Christ. Let those with open hearts and souls hear…

The Orthosphere lives. There IS a unity amongst all Orthodox, both Eastern and Oriental, despite the theological disputes. Look at the love between Russians and Armenians… need I add more?


16 April 2017. Alex From Oz Gives a “Good Word” on What Easter is All About


Alex from Oz gave a spot-on description of Easter:

Jesus is the reason for the season. For those of us that believe it’s the happiest and lightest day of the year, a day that gives a small taste of the beautiful life to come. People don’t know what they’re missing out on! 🙂

I need add nothing. To the feast!


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