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Sunday, 23 April 2017

“The USA Won’t Stop Fighting Terrorists” … Truly? Then, Why is It Aiding Terrorists in Syria?


US Vice-President Pence: “The USA won’t stop fighting terrorists”.


  • By training, arming, and financing them?
  • By bombing those that are actually fighting them?
  • By “accidentally” (over and over again) airdropping weapons and supplies on their positions?
  • By providing air support to them when they need it?
  • By defending them in International organisations like the UN?
  • By honouring them with Oscars for their slaughter of innocents?
  • By acting as their propaganda agency?


Remember who the Father of Lies is and note well that Pence is a fanatical Evangelical sectarian…


21 April 2017

George Ades


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