Voices from Russia

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

3 May 2017. America’s Latest Foe in the Mediterranean… Kot Matrose Sergei Ivanovich




Kot Matrose Sergei Ivanovich is the ship’s cat on the Guards cruiser Moskva, now on duty off Syria. Russia still controls shipboard rodents the Old-School way, with cats instead of chemicals. Go in fear… here’s the latest Russian threat… Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Donald Trump, John McCain and General McMasters all say so. Tremble… for Kot Sergei Ivanovich is an existential threat to the One Percent and their Affluent Effluent minions. Aren’t you ashamed of the Establishment Line on Russia? Russia is no more a threat to your civil liberties than Kot Sergei Ivanovich is… but the American Establishment IS such a threat, and they’ve already taken away many of our liberties since the time of the Clintons. Reflect on that.

As for Kot Sergei… he’s what he is… “on guard for peace”. Don’t let the warmongers and fatcats prod you into war… your sons will die, choking out their lives in the mud… their sons will fuck co-eds, safe n’ sound in some posh Ivy League college. That’s the reality of Today’s America. Keep it focused…



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