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Saturday, 6 May 2017

6 May 2017. Ajamu Baraka: Healthcare is a Human Right, But You Have to Fight For It!



Western Media, French Elections, and Mass Confusion: Far-Right Fascism and Socialist Patriotism


There’s a fundamental flaw, a cardinal failing, in the West’s mass psychological manipulation, namely, the comparison of socialist patriotism to rightwing nationalist fascism.  Very clearly, the French elections reveal this, where liberal fascism and conservative patriotism oppose each other… the globalist agenda is “at sixes and sevens”.  If Marine Le Pen is the threat that the Western Mainstream Media claim her to be, then, why would those that advocate a multipolar world, who struggle against Far-Right extremist fascism, like here in the free Donbass, support Le Pen, and understand her message as a possibility, not a threat?

On the other hand, if Macron is the great saviour of Europe that they portray him to be, why do those who fight most for peace and the rights of nations flinch away from his globalist message, warning us about Macron… pointing to his support of Western aggression and his indifference to an increase in the divide between peoples?  Actually, the conflict in the Donbass created a huge propaganda hole in the Western MSM agenda.  If Le Pen’s message is rightwing, why can’t the MSM fit the people in the Donbass (who only defend their culture, language, people, and homeland) with the same rightwing label?  On the other hand, everyone already knows it’s just impossible because the Western-backed Ukrainian fascist rightwing battalions are the aggressors here; the socialist patriots in the Donbass simply defend their homes.  Just think about it.  Moreover, do it twice… in this great mass confusion, you need to see and understand the globalists’ lies by yourself.

While Macron attacks everything that isn’t in the Western globalist interest, Le Pen stands for France and for the French people’s interests…  do you now understand which one of them is in reality a rightwing fascist, who uses French nationalism to expand globalist hegemony around the world, and can you discern which one is a socialist patriot, who demands that the people should take control of their own country, in the name of a multipolar world?  Even though Western propaganda says that black is white and war is peace, the truth won’t allow the globalism’s transnational fascism to stay secret and hidden.  Personally, I don’t believe that they’d allow Le Pen to win; they’ll make the Western bankster bastard boy a winner by any means possible.  Nonetheless:

Vive La France, Vive Le Pen!

6 May 2017

Janus Putkonen

DONi Donbass News Agency


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