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Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Devotional Cross Given by the People of St Petersburg to the DNR as a Symbol of their Friendship Dedicated in Gorlovka


Today, in Gorlovka, a devotional cross donated by the people of St Petersburg to the DNR had its official dedication. The cross is near the entrance to the city, near the *Maiorsk checkpoint. The acting Head of the Gorlovka GGA* Ivan Prikhodko, President of the St. Petersburg NGO “Shumbrat” Sergei Artemov, clergy, public officials, and activists of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” attended the dedication ceremony. In all, about 50 people gathered for the event. Prikhodko said:

We looked forward to this event; we dedicated this cross today. I thank the people of St Petersburg. We want this cross to be a symbol of our faith in victory.

The cross came from the “Northern Capital” a few days ago, then, workmen put it up. The cross is a token of friendship from the people of St Petersburg symbolising the close ties between the DNR and the Russian Federation. Artemov told the media:

Our metropolitan blessed our placing of this cross in your Republic. Then, I wrote a letter to D V Pushilin and received a positive response. We created this cross at our expense; the people of St Petersburg sincerely support your people and wish you peace.

The cross is 6-metres-tall and is made of Siberian larch. It has an overhead covering and the base incorporates debris from houses destroyed in the fascist shelling of Gorlovka. Metropolitan Mitrofan Nikitin of Gorlovka and Slavyansk led the dedication ceremony. He thanked those who brought this gift and noted the significance of what the cross symbolised. The city officials emphasised that the cross would be a symbol of peace in the Donbass, and a memorial of the civilians killed in the fascist aggression.

  • GGA: Municipal State Administration

24 May 2017

DAN Donetsk News Agency



I’d note that the Metropolitan of St Petersburg is Varsonofy Sudakov… perhaps, the person closest to HH himself. That is, if Varsonofy blesses this cross, HH blesses this cross. It means that HH blesses the Peoples Republics in the Donbass and blesses the socialism found there. This means that rightwing filth like Victor Potapov and Ilarion Alfeyev are going against HH in attacking the leftist legacy of the USSR. Do note that Potapov and Alfeyev began their attacks on the person of I V Stalin after Hillary Clinton started her anti-Russia rants. Potapov, formerly a paid CIA propagandist, revealed his true colours. Alfeyev revealed that he’s a running dog of the West, not a loyal son of the Rodina. They proved themselves pro-American traitorous scum. As a friend told me:

We know what these men say and why they say it. It’s the wheat and the tares. The time for reaping will come, though.

If you read attacks on the legacy of the USSR by Potapov and Alfeyev, be aware that HH doesn’t share their venom. After all, didn’t he give condolences to the Castro family? The time of reckoning for these disloyal rightwing fanatics will come…



Kiev Might Halt Passenger Train Service to Russia from 1 July


Citing sources in Kiev, Kommersant reported that the Ukraine might halt passenger train service to Russia from 1 July. According to a Ukrainian government source, the excuse for this would be RZD‘s reluctance “to stop passenger transportation to Russia from the ATO zone and, in particular, from Donetsk, which violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukraine”. At present, elektrichka* service exists between Donetsk and Taganrog. Kommersant learned from Ukrzaliznitsya (State Administration of Railway Transport):

There’s no decision on this matter now.

In turn, RZD told Kommersant:

We didn’t receive any documents from Kiev on terminating passenger traffic.

Kommersant noted:

Neither Kiev or Moscow would officially confirm plans to suspend passenger rail service, however, Ukrainian interlocutors insisted that Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (SNBOU) Secretary A V Turchinov and Verkhovnaya Rada Ukrainy Chairman A V Paruby “actively lobby” such a decision. Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko increasingly supports their hardline viewpoints.

  • elektrichka: Russian slang for commuter-type passenger trains powered by electric overhead catenary wires

25 May 2017

DONi Donbass News Agency


Syrian Army Annihilates ISIS in Homs, Reopens All Roads Between Palmyra And Damascus


On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unleashed thousands of soldiers and hundreds of military vehicles in a massive joint push that ultimately linked up government forces on the Palmyra front with those on the provincial border between Homs and Rif Dimashq. With all roads linking Damascus and Palmyra now under government control for the first time since 2014, the SAA was able to reopen the M90, M53, and M45 motorways today. The rapid coordinated offensive against ISIS represents the single largest advance by any faction in Syria in 2017. Effectively, ISIS had to withdraw entirely from central Homs, conceding control of some 3,000 square kilometres in 48 hours. The SAA advance reduced the area under ISIS control significantly. Amongst the sites liberated today were the Abu Dali mountains, Manqourah, Thunyat Wadha, al-Anebah triangle, Khan al-Anebah, Ulaniyah town, Bardah town, the entire al-Sawwanah area, Manqourah Quarries, the Zaqaqiyat Khalil mountains, and the key junction town of al-Busyrah. In addition, Syrian government forces cut off non-hostile opposition forces in the East Qalamoun pocket for good, ending their dreams of meeting up with US-backed rebels based near the desert. The SAA also released footage of its forces advancing through the desert, deploying infantry, tanks, artillery, and overwhelming airpower to drive back the ISIS insurgents.

Click here for a fully-interactive map of the region, depicting recent advances

25 May 2017

Chris Tomson

AMN al-Masdar News


27 May 2017. BREAKING NEWS Zbig is Dead… The Neocon King is Dead… Long Live Queen Hillary!


I won’t dance on Zbig’s grave. That’s unseemly and no decent person does that. Here’s something that I saw that describes him and his legacy well:

This was a very wicked man whose influence, unfortunately, will continue to wreak havoc in the world through the neoconservative and neoliberal élites who embrace his ideology. Most of the general population have no idea how much death and destruction has been, is now, and will continue based on his worldview. He was a genius of geopolitical strategy who emphasised the need for the US hegemony throughout the world. This drive for hegemony is the primary reason for the warmongering by US political and corporate élites in order to ultimately control all the world’s resources for their benefit.

He brought his sick Russophobic racism and rabid anti-Orthodox mindset into the mainstream and made it respectable. That alone is evil. However, one of our duties as Christians is to pray for the dead in the hope that they receive God’s blessedness. We’re Christians; that’s indeed what we do. If anyone needed the “onion” (per Dostoyevsky), this guy does. Pray for him and don’t celebrate. Queen Hillary will replace him as the Neocon War God. That’s worth celebrating as she’s incompetent and stupid (two things that Zbig was not). Her Upper Middle acolytes will swoon over her… let them… she’s nothing but a strutting Mussolini who makes Trump look like an amateur. Compare Madame Shillary’s showy vacuity to the cool statesmanship of Putin and Xi and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


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