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Monday, 29 May 2017

“Americans Aren’t Always on the Wrong Side of History”


On Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the tragedy of working-class people dying in rich men’s wars. We should strive for a world without war, profits, and empire. However, let’s not forget that during the Civil War (Second American Revolution) and the Second World War (Global People’s Anti-Fascist War) the USA was on the right side, standing against the forces of darkness, slavery, fascism, and reaction. One can argue that mistakes and opportunism took place during these wars, but remember that Americans aren’t always on the wrong side of history. There’s a progressive, democratic, peace-loving, and revolutionary spirit buried deep within the American people, and I’m confident that it’ll soon reawaken in these tough times.

29 May 2017

Caleb Maupin



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