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Monday, 29 May 2017

“I Didn’t Run a Bad Campaign; I Didn’t Lose”


Through my wife, the editor of The Nation magazine, I’m close to… if not close, at least I see and hear them… leading figures of the Democratic Party. Moreover, the Democratic Party, particularly the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, has already made it clear that it’s going to push this Trump-Russia story, at least until the Congressional elections in 2018. They think it’s a winning issue, and I think it’s clear, that this is Mrs Clinton’s hope to run again because she’ll say:

I didn’t run a bad campaign; I didn’t lose… Putin stole my election from me and gave it to Trump.

They’re going to push this at the grassroots, it’s already there at the town meetings, at Democratic grassroots, and they’re going to push it and push it at least until the elections, off-year elections, we call them, in 2018. Therefore, this is a given. No matter what facts emerge, the Democratic Party is going to push this as they are now every day.

Stephen Cohen




Madame Shillary’s Upper Middle robots are shuffling down the Road to the Abyss, like lemmings. Don’t argue with them… it’s fruitless. They were the only group to profit from NAFTA (the rich always profit under a capitalist system)… they think that the Clintons are hunky-dory. They don’t know or care what ordinary folks think or want. The deaths of our sons mean nothing to them. It’s a Bizarro World that we live in, no?


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