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Monday, 12 June 2017

12 June 2017. The First Little Victim… No One is Forgotten… Nothing is Forgotten



This is why you can’t have anything to do with Uniate or “Ukrainian Orthodox” institutions and affairs. They support the murder in the Donbass. Full stop…


Pavlina Sladkaya, a 6-year-old girl, was the first child in the Donbass murdered by Kiev junta troops. This was on 8 June 2014 in Slavyansk. A howitzer shell hit Paulina’s home in Slavyansk. A local woman wrote:

The morgue will be closed tomorrow. They say that the physicians wept for the first time in recent days when they brought in the girl’s body. Pavlina Vyacheslavovna Sladkaya, aged six… she was doomed anyway. The shrapnel punctured her legs, stomach, and head near one ear. They buried her yesterday.

In the photo, Dr Mikhail Kovalenko carried the girl. He said:

The shell that killed that girl came from Mount Karachun. A Ukrainian battery there shelled the town regularly. They targeted us from there. It was Trinity Day. My wife and I just returned from church. By that time, they’d cut off the town’s water supply. Some houses had wells, and the entire neighbourhood took water from them. The militiamen provided us with electricity from a generator, as they’d also cut off the electricity. We heard two blasts. They targeted a place where people took water. A militiaman appeared from around the corner, carrying a child in his arms. Someone pointed to me and shouted, “He’s a doctor!” The trooper passed the girl to me. The hospital is 500 metres from my house. I ran towards the hospital. When I put her on the operating table, it became clear to me that the child was dead. The girl had injuries of the pelvis, abdominal cavity, and head. Later, when I looked at the photo, I realised that the child was already dead when I carried her. At that moment, I was so feverish that I failed to see it.

11 June 2017

Truth about the Situation in the Ukraine



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