Voices from Russia

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

VVP Puts a Smartass Western Journalist in Their Place

This is what the USA does. It has the goddamn gall to lecture others on moral behaviour. I need to find a corner to be sick in…


If while expressing their point of view people break the law in our country, then, law enforcement has to do its job, as in any other country, but unlike other countries, our police don’t use batons or tear gas as we often see in your country. Your law enforcement disassembled the Occupy movement into pieces and dissolved it; I don’t ask you how are things with democracy in your country. Why do you think you have a right to ask us these questions, to teach us morals and to teach us how to live our life? We welcome constructive criticism if it comes from a good place in an effort to foster a closer relationship, but we don’t accept it when you use it as a tool of political pressure.

V  V Putin

President of the Russian Federation



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