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Sunday, 25 June 2017

“A Majority of Electors Rejected Austerity Policies”: CP of Britain



Although the CP of Britain is very small (+/-1,000 members), it has support from AKEL in Cyprus, which is one of the major parties there. We now have the colonialists being propped up by the colonials! Certainly, a turnaround, wot?



Twelve million people voted for a left-wing Labour manifesto and a majority of electors rejected austerity policies. The Tories have no mandate for five months of public spending cuts, never mind another five years. In raising Labour’s share of the poll by 10 percentage points to almost match the Tories, enthusing huge numbers of young people, Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership have been vindicated. So, too, has the emphasis placed by the Communist Party on the role of mass struggle and class politics in raising people’s class consciousness, confidence, and political understanding. This will help bring further advances for Labour in the new election that will be necessary in the very near future, once Theresa May resigns.

Robert Griffiths

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain    


Some Lives Still Matter More


America the Exceptional… Suburban Affluent Effluent lives matter most… both Republicans and Democrats agree


For the pro-imperialist corporate media and the phoney US left, some lives still matter more. We still aren’t seeing any images of civilians caught in cross-hairs of the assault to recapture the cities of Raqqa and Mosul from the hands of the US/Saudi-created ISIS forces. This is where I depart from elements of the pro-US imperialist left who really believe that the USA could ever be on the right side of history. I don’t want to see any innocents die as a consequence of the wars created, financed, and supported by the USA/NATO/EU axis of domination with their colonialist stooges in the GCC and the racist apartheid state of Israel, while they believe, like Obama, in the arrogant white supremacist position that US intervention is justified in certain circumstances.

19 June 2017

Ajamu Baraka


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