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Saturday, 12 August 2017

12 August 2017. “Russian Hacking” Didn’t Defeat the Clintons… Their Shitty Greedster Record Did Them In, With No Help from Outsiders


NAFTA… “Welfare Reform”… the destabilisation of Federal Yugoslavia… the dismantling of reasonable New Deal restrictions on Wall Street profiteers… the aggression against Serbia in 1999… the deliberate bungling of healthcare reform… the sponsorship of the Kosovo gangster state… need I go on? The Clintons were feral “conservative” Repugs in everything but the name… ordinary people do have memories and did act on them. They knew that Trump was a buffoonish knave, but they also knew that the Clintons had proven themselves unscrupulous thieves and unrepentant muggers of ordinary folk. They voted AGAINST… they didn’t need “foreign meddling” to come to that conclusion. There IS a country that routinely meddles in the internal affairs of others… it ISN’T Russia…


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