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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Why Russians are Losing Faith in Donald Trump


When Donald Trump was running for the office of US President, many in Russia viewed him with cautious optimism. Many saw him as a breath of fresh air compared to the shocking level of Russophobia that underscored Barack Obama’s failed presidency, as well as that put forth in Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign. Recent polls found that this good will is starting to wear off, as Congress seems to be unwilling to let Trump even have the possibility to engage in meaningful détente with Russia. RT reported:

On Friday, state-run pollster VTsIOM reported that research from the end of July showed that 68 percent of Russians are aware of the new sanctions introduced against Moscow by the USA. 32 percent told researchers it this was the first time they had heard about the developments. In the same study, 48 percent of respondents said they expected the new restrictions to cause no changes in Russia’s policies or its relations with foreign nations. A little under a third (28 percent) said that the consequences of the sanctions could be negative, and 9 percent believed that Russia would actually benefit from them. In addition, 29 percent thought it is best to leave the new US sanctions without a reply, whilst 19 percent said they supported a symmetrical response and 9 percent admitted that although they considered reciprocal sanctions necessary, they couldn’t give any specific ideas for such steps. When asked about previous Western sanctions against Russia, 35 percent of respondents said that in their opinion these measures had improved the situation in the country. Just over a quarter (26 percent) said that they thought the West managed to worsen the situation in Russia, and 29 percent said that they saw neither positive nor negative changes. Moreover, 72 percent of poll participants shared the opinion that the Russian authorities shouldn’t push for the cancellation of the sanctions as they’d lift them in due time.

These poll results are in line with the general attitude that Russia requires virtually nothing from the USA and expects even less. Donald Trump became a figure of interest to some in Russia because he promised peace and reconciliation. Any people would naturally favour a foreign leader who seeks peace with them; Russia’s no different from any other country in this respect. However, that optimism faded as stagnation seems to be setting in. Having said that, still, most Russians are somewhat glad that Hillary Clinton, with her openly-hostile policy towards Russia, lost the election.

8 August 2017

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13 August 2017. Vladyki Lazar Puhalo on What the Church Is (and What It Is Not)

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Beware the “Religious Right”… much of what they purvey isn’t “religious”… much isn’t “right” (correct) either! Have a care… the rightwing wolves array themselves in “Christian” vesture.


Vladyki Lazar nails it…

A life lived in fear is a life that ended long ago, even though one is still breathing. A religion or other system that engenders fear detracts rather than adds to one’s life. Fear is a marketing device for autocrats, unsavoury businesses, destructive political ideologies, and commercialised religions. Any religion that has any aspect of truth brings peace, hope, and joy, not bondage to fear. Cults, even cults within the Orthodox Church, use fear as a tool for manipulating their victims. The Church is a spiritual hospital, not a court of law, or a chamber of terror.

This is why the Toll House heresy is so vicious. Vladyki Lazar learned his religion from Archbishop Averky Taushev… the Toll House nutters learned theirs from the Serafim Rose groupies… I seem to see a difference!


13 August 2017. Liberalism… The Enemy of the Left


Every day my contempt for these people grows. Heather Cottin captures the snapshot of the liberal anti-communist… now freed up from that chore to become the liberal imperialist.

It came to be de rigueur, that constant genuflection to anti-Sovietism which they demonised through a man, and then dismissed the whole social experiment. They ignored the victories of socialism and said that socialism was the enemy. That’s the basis of liberal “thinking”. They ignored and condemned a real system that helped people in a million ways and which won the most horrible war that anyone ever waged.

Heather Cottin

Luciana Bohne


13 August 2017. Reed n’ Heed… “The Saker” on His Love for the USA

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This is an excerpt of a longer piece. That’s here. This is the meat of the core… or, the core of the meat… as you will…



I just crossed the USA, literally, from the Rogue River in Oregon to East Central Florida. During that long trip, I didn’t only see breathtakingly beautiful sights, but also plenty of beautiful people who oppose the satanic ball in DC with every fibre of their being and who want their country to be free from the degenerate demonic powers who’ve taken over the federal government. I’ve now lived a total of 20 years in the USA and I’ve learned to love and deeply appreciate the many kind, decent, honourable, and simply beautiful people who live here. Far from seeing the American people as enemies of Russia, I see them as natural allies, if only because we have the same enemy (the Neocons in DC) and absolutely no objective reasons for conflict, none whatsoever. Moreover, in many ways, Americans and Russians are very much alike, sometimes in comical ways. Just as during the Cold War I never lost hope in the Russian people, I now refuse to lose hope in the American people. Yes, the US federal government is disgusting, evil, ugly, stupid, degenerate, and outright satanic, but the people of the USA aren’t. Far from it. I don’t know if this country can survive the current régime as one unitary USA or whether it will break up in several quite different entities (something I see as very possible), but I do believe that the people of the USA will survive and overcome just as the Russian people survived the horrors of the 1980s and 1990s.

Now, they’ll call me a “USA lover”. Fine. Guilty as charged! I do love this country very much, as I do love its people. In fact, my heart often breaks for them and for the immense sufferings the Empire also inflicts upon them. In the fight between the people of the USA and the Empire, I unapologetically side with the people whom I see as friends, allies, and even brothers. Right now, the USA appears to be plunging into a precipice very similar to the one the Ukraine has plunged into (which is unsurprising, really, the same people inflicting the same disasters on whatever country they infect with their presence). The big difference is the immense and untapped potential of the USA to bounce back. There might not even be a Ukraine in 10 years, but there will most definitely be a USA, albeit maybe a very different one or even maybe several successor states. However, for the time being, I can only repeat what Floridians say when a hurricane comes barreling down on them… “hunker down” and brace for some very difficult and dangerous times to come.

“The Saker”

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