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Sunday, 13 August 2017

13 August 2017. Vladyki Lazar Puhalo on What the Church Is (and What It Is Not)

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Beware the “Religious Right”… much of what they purvey isn’t “religious”… much isn’t “right” (correct) either! Have a care… the rightwing wolves array themselves in “Christian” vesture.


Vladyki Lazar nails it…

A life lived in fear is a life that ended long ago, even though one is still breathing. A religion or other system that engenders fear detracts rather than adds to one’s life. Fear is a marketing device for autocrats, unsavoury businesses, destructive political ideologies, and commercialised religions. Any religion that has any aspect of truth brings peace, hope, and joy, not bondage to fear. Cults, even cults within the Orthodox Church, use fear as a tool for manipulating their victims. The Church is a spiritual hospital, not a court of law, or a chamber of terror.

This is why the Toll House heresy is so vicious. Vladyki Lazar learned his religion from Archbishop Averky Taushev… the Toll House nutters learned theirs from the Serafim Rose groupies… I seem to see a difference!



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