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Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017. Friends Do NOT Do Such Evil


I wrote the following to a friend on FB:

I don’t choose friends based on agreement. I choose friends based on character and decency. You’re my friend… full stop. I needn’t agree with you or find all of your positions congenial. I find you trusty and honest. That’s good enough for me. I confide that it’s good enough for you, too…

Friends do NOT cross certain lines. One critical “red-line” is posting someone’s personal business without permission. If you’re a friend, you won’t do such evil. I’ve found that some who identify as “conservatives” feel that they have the right to post people’s personal business online without permission… they’re only “telling the truth”, dontcha know! I’d warn all concerned about those who crow loudly about “morality”… they’re usually the worst of this scurvy crew. I’ve come to the point where I’ve had it with the scurrility and nastiness of some self-described “conservatives” and “moralists”. From this point forward, if someone posts my business without my permission, and I find it out, I’m going to expose that person as a danger to all decent people. Therefore, I’d warn all concerned (and especially all who identify as “Orthodox Leftists”) to beware one “Ryan Isaac”. This scumbag posted my personal business without my permission. If they did it to me… they could do it to you. After all… they “have the obligation to tell the truth”. Beware such people. Block them… oppose them… give them no quarter.

Sometimes, one must stand and defend the right. This is one such time. They want to steal our Church from us and make it into a godless posturing Anglo Evangelical conventicle (but with “Byzantine” liturgy). I confide that I’m not alone in being fed up…


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