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Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017. I’ve Been in a Rough Patch… A Dark Night of the Intellect

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I’ve been in a Dark Night of the Intellect recently. I found myself with hardly anything useful to say… so, I simply stopped posting for a while. I did repost articles on my FB page, but I didn’t have anything of value to say, so, I wasn’t posting here. I’m back. I find myself re-energised. I’ll still post spottily over the weekdays, but I’m back full-force on the weekends. Remember… love rules this house… a love of the truth, love of life, love of God, and love for my friends. You can always tell the haters, can’t you? They’re against this and that… well, I’m FOR this and that, and anyone can see the obvious difference.

Take my hand… the road goes ever onward, but there’s still a rough patch or two ahead…



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