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Saturday, 26 August 2017

26 August 2017. The Donbass… The Tomb of the Euromaidan Fascists


The Americans egg on their Uniate/schismo clients. This is unwise. The junta needs at least a generation of utter peace to attempt a consolidation (it might not even work then), but the Anglos pushed their puppets into a war of aggression in the Donbass. The local homeboys rose up and defeated the Uniates. That wasn’t hard, as Galicia is the hard-luck hardscrabble Dogpatch of Eastern Europe, poorer and less-educated than the rest of historical Holy Rus. That’s why so many Galicians emigrated to the USA and Canada. There was nothing at home and there were no real opportunities in the Habsburg empire (unlike Russia, where many Little Russians migrated to the Donbass and to Siberia). Therefore, Galicians outnumber Russians and Little Russians in the diaspora. They’re the smallest group at home… but the largest one here (with some real political clout in western Canada). In consequence, their lies get attention and our truth gets trampled into the mud. Besides all that, the Galician “leadership” kisses the ass of the West. They kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass and they’ve always kissed the ass of whatever Western group hates Russia (the Habsburgs, the Nazis, the Anglos). Many ordinary Galicians don’t share this hate. Indeed, the region with the greatest draft resistance in the contemporary “Ukraine” is Galicia. No lie! Galician moms don’t want their sons to die for a notional “Ukraine” and for the fascists who lead it. I’ll confide that there are many in the Lvovshchina who’d welcome the Russians as liberators. Truth IS stranger than fiction is…



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