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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko: Happy Donetsk City Day!


Dear Friends! People of Donetsk!

I want to congratulate all of you all on Donetsk City Day! You Donetsk folk were always the pride of the USSR and (later) of the Ukraine. Your hometown is an example of courage and dedication! Donetsk isn’t a financial centre, it isn’t a port, and it isn’t a resort city… Donetsk is a labour town! It first and always valued work and labour! Maybe because its wealth comes from under the earth, Donetsk remembers its roots; for 23 years, it was the stronghold of sober-minded Ukrainians who remembered and valued history, a lot that always opposed calling executioners and traitors heroes. Today, Donetsk defends its roots and history with weapons in hand, to have the right to a future without fascists. Knowing the courage, selflessness, and heroism of Donetsk folk, I’m sure you’ll win. This victory won’t only be yours… it’d be a victory for the entire Ukraine because your victory would mean the collapse of the régime in Kiev placed there by the occupiers! Thank you, men of Donetsk, for your courage! Thank you for your bravery, fortitude, and dedication! I’m proud of you and your invincible spirit; I admire you for it, and offer you my best wishes with all my heart!

Happy Donetsk City Day! Happy birthday, to the Hero City of Donetsk!

In Respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

27 August 2017

Aleksei  Zhuravko



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