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Sunday, 10 September 2017

10 September 2017. Truth Without Love is a Lie


Do note how the konvertsy hound the bishops about people they deem “impure”. They claim that they’re upholding the truth. Dostoyevsky makes it clear that their “truth” is the most despicable of lies… do reflect on that. I wanted to choose an image of absolute sterility and deadness… no people or animals… no plants… no tracks… no nothing. That’s what the konvertsy and their “uncompromising truth” are… sterile, empty, and dead. They have no life within them as they lack all semblance of love. They don’t even know that Orthodoxy is the freest of the Christian confessions and the one most ready to overlook human frailties in the name of salvation. They HATE oikonomia. They hate compassion and understanding. They hate what our real Church Fathers teach. They’ve created a soulless golem with no relation to Real Living Orthodoxy. The sterile desert is, indeed, an apt metaphor for them.



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