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Saturday, 30 September 2017

30 September 2017. We Do NOT Have an “Uncompromising” Church… Thank God!

Our Lord Christ is the GOOD SHEPHERD… not a jackbooted prison warder. Thank God… the Church is NOT “uncompromising”…


Many unformed recent converts natter on about how the Church is “uncompromising”, which is why they “converted” to Orthodoxy. Patriarch Kirill said the following about those who advocate “uncompromising faith”:

Never did the Lord say, “My teaching or death”. None of the Apostles said, “Orthodoxy or Death”. Because Orthodoxy is life eternal, it’s joy in the Holy Spirit, it’s the joy of life, but death is decay that came because of the Fall and the devil’s action. Now, we see, from time to time, false teachers who seduce people by calling to save Christianity, to save its purity, who repeat this dangerous, sinful, and self-contradictory slogan “Orthodoxy or death”. In the eyes of these people, you won’t find love; there burns a fire of demonic pride, a desire for power, which destroys the Church’s unity. Of course, they put on a good show, they hide behind pious visages, and they enjoy adulation from a certain set of people.


We don’t have a wrathful God. Our God offers all of us the “onion”… that’s Dostoyevsky for them not in the know. God is MERCIFUL… not vengeful. Only the spiritually shallow believe in a vengeful God. Read St Chrysostom’s Easter Homily and get your mind right. One wonders if these jabronies have really converted in their heart-of-hearts… the Church has always been willing to bend the letter of the law if it helped someone’s salvation. I ask, “If they don’t like accommodation, why did they convert to Orthodoxy, which has oikonomia as one of its bedrock beliefs and practises?” It does make one wonder, doesn’t it?



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