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Sunday, 1 October 2017

1 October 2017. I Was in a REAL Blue Funk… Now, It’s Over!

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I’ve been in a blue funk lately… dealing with craziness in the Real World. Firstly, my Nicky had a severe diabetic episode. Our phone was on the fritz, so I had to run to the police station (luckily, across the street) at 0230 to get the paramedics to come and attend to him. Nicky was in hospital for a day, but he’s on the mend now. Secondly, I had to deal with a minor legal matter. I had a very slight fender-bender (no damage to our car… the other had its bumper out of alignment for less than an inch) while parking. Well… the cop ran our licences… he found out that Nicky had a suspended licence (he didn’t know it), so since I had a learner’s permit, the cop cited me for Unlicenced Operation. Nicky got things squared away with DMV (they needed a doctor’s OK, which hadn’t reached them). I went to court Friday on that… it took all of 30 seconds. I said three things to the judge… “Yes, sir”… “Yes, sir”… “Thank you”. I got an acquittal, with nothing on my record if I don’t screw up again in the next six months. I spent 90 minutes waiting… 30 seconds to dispose of it. That’s OVER… whew!

I can see where my “block” came from… I had real-deal situations to handle, and they did take priority over the cyberworld. It feels good. God willing, I’ll keep my second wind…



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