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Friday, 20 October 2017

20 October 2017. V V Putin on Russian Statehood


Both material and spiritual factors determine the viability of a state. What does that tell us about “conservatives” and their ideology? I’d say that their ideology isn’t only effectually godless; it’s not even well-grounded in materialism. It’s all greed… ME… ME… ME. “Winning is the only thing”… that’s the “conservative” mantra. I find that disgusting and beyond the pale… I’m not alone in thinking that…

V V Putin isn’t an American-style “conservative”… despite what idiots like Damick and Dreher may post. Students at university still receive stipends (and don’t pay tuition), the state-run public multiclinics still operate, and the government keeps business on a short leash (for “biznessmen” are deceitful and grasping greedsters). Most of all, VVP doesn’t allow American multinationals to rape his country… the real reason why the USA demonises him and his government. He won’t kiss the ass of the Anglo toddlers… that angers them beyond all measure. Vladimir Vladimirovich trusts in God and the RVSN in equal measure. May God preserve him and any of his possible successors (it won’t be the CIA-backed whore Mariya Vladimirovna or the rest of the layabout Romanov slugs).



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