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Sunday, 22 October 2017

22 October 2017. Are the Establishment Dems TRYING to Fail?


Read this:

It’s very important not to thumb your nose at your base. This was precisely what Hillary Clinton did. She selected Tim Kaine as her running mate, in what even Matt Yglesias acknowledged was an enormous “fuck you” to the party’s left flank. Her operatives spurned the offers of Sanders organisers to help get out the vote in Rust Belt states. We know how this turned out. Instead of granting the tiniest possible concession, the party decided to affirm precisely what Nancy Pelosi indicated… democratic socialists and social democrats don’t belong in the party. It’s not for them. What the party does depends on what billionaire donors want it to do. Progressives needed to receive some kind of gesture. Moreover, they received one… an enormous middle finger.


Voters decisively rejected Hillary Clinton in the election. The only group that stayed loyal to the Dems in large part was blacks. However, Clinton fucked them up the ass with no Vaseline when she rejected Keith Ellison and his bloc. That’s ASKING for blacks to stay home on Election Day. If the Dems think that Trump is so toxic that they need do nothing to topple him, they have another thing coming. Most of the country HATE the Clintons. The Clintons fucked most of the country and laughed at them. The rest of the country DID notice. I think that the Establishment Dems just put a pistol to their temple… all that they have to do now is to pull the trigger.


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