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Sunday, 22 October 2017

22 October 2017. The “Liberal” LOVES You…


“Liberals” “love” humanity in the abstract. That’s why so many of them do what they do. “Conservatives” love profit so much that they don’t care whom it hurts to get it… gee, it looks like both sides of the neoliberal coin are equally evil! Neither side cares about individuals. One cares only about abstract “humanity”… the other only cares about filthy lucre and how to get it. Neither one gives a good goddamn for you or for me. That’s why I voted for Bernie in the primary and for Dr Jill in the general. Anyone who voted for Hillary voted for evil… as did those who voted for Trump. Trump was an open chiseler… the Clintons cloaked their greed and power-lust under fancy frou-frou. As for me, Trump was the more honest man. He’s made no pretence of doing good. The Clintons issued saccharine and smarmy pronouncements as they fucked our country up the ass unmercifully and without let-up.

Conservative tyranny is evil… as is liberal tyranny. Neoliberalism is a rum go, no matter which way you swallow it…



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