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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko: “All Attempts to Sow Mistrust Between the Ukraine and Russia are Doomed to Failure”


Dear friends!

On this day, 73 years ago, the Red Army liberated the Ukraine from fascist invaders. By 28 October 1944, our grandfathers and fathers drove the invaders from our native land. Victory over the enemy happened only through their unity and love for the motherland. They all came together… Russians, Ukrainians, and Byelorussians… in the fight against the fascists. Historians tell us that military actions in the Ukraine claimed the lives of nearly three million Soviet soldiers. Our soldier-liberators fought until the last breath for our peace and security. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian nationalists bully and terrorise our people, they can’t rewrite history. All attempts to sow mistrust between the Ukraine and Russia are doomed to failure. We’re a united people; we defended our common Motherland then, we shall defend it now. We’re in perpetual debt to our veterans. Their example requires us to liberate the Ukraine from the invaders.

In respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

28 October 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko



EuroCollapse: Will the EU Follow the USSR?

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The Catalan independence movement in Spain and the Venetian and Lombard autonomous regions in Italy concerned some observers. They’re worried that the EU might be falling apart at the seams of nationalism just as the USSR did before it. In and of itself, there’s nothing new in the fact that differing degrees of separatism are present within the EU, but it nowadays seems like everything is quickly coming to a head and that these movements are enjoying more support than ever before. Part of the reason behind this rests in the popular perception that the EU in its present format is as ineffective as the USSR was in its dying days and that the growing squabbles between some regions and their national governments might presage the unravelling of the bloc as a whole.

It’s pertinent to mention that Western Europe has yet to see a revision of its post-World War II borders, unlike Eastern Europe, which underwent German Reunification, the dissolution of the USSR and Yugoslavia, and the dismembering of Serbia, which is why the latest developments in this part of the EU are attracting so much attention. Catalunya has a chance at becoming independent, but Madrid is doing everything in its power to prevent this from happening. As for the regions of Northern Italy, they only want more autonomy, but granting them more independent control over their finances could put the country on a slippery slope since it might interfere with Italy’s budget allocations to the poorer regions of the south and eventually provoke a counter-reaction there.

The prevailing theme amid all this geopolitical speculation is the very essence of nationalism itself, the modern manifestation of which came to the fore of the European mentality only in the 19th-century. Nowadays, people presume that nation-states such as Spain, Italy, France, and even Germany are united entities, though this conclusion overlooks some of the stronger regional identities within their borders and the “economic nationalism” that they’ve acquired in recent years. As ethnic-regional and economic fault lines in the EU widen as a result of the financial and migrant crises, Brussels is beginning to look just as powerless as Moscow was in the post-Cold War twilight years of the USSR when its own identity crisis became uncontrollable.

28 October 2017

Andrew Korybko

Sputnik International


Caleb Maupin: “The supposed ‘Left’ Declared White Workers to Be Their Enemies”

The Affluent Effluent Limousine Liberals hate and despise us (arguably, worse than “conservatives” do). We’re nothing but objects to them… we’re not quite human. I can understand why so many voted for Trump when the Clintonistas pissed all over them and laughed at them afterwards. It’s why I HATE “liberals” and all their works…


Even after Charlottesville, the “white nationalists” are still in motion. Today, they’re in Tennessee spewing their confused racist garbage. You know why they have momentum? Because low-income white people see their communities destroyed by deindustrialisation, low wages, the police state, and heroin gangs, all brought to you by Globalist Capitalism. Why have “white nationalists” captured their anger? Because the so-called “Left” hates them, and instead of organising them, it told them to “check their privilege” and said they deserve to be poor. Just because the white working-class isn’t trendy and hip, and their suffering doesn’t win a gold medal in the Tumblr Oppression Olympics, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The supposed “Left” embraced Middle-Class anti-populism and declared white workers to be their enemies. Naturally, they found other forces to lead them.

28 October 2017

Caleb Maupin


28 October 2017. From the Russian Web… Raisin Weekend at St Andrew’s in Scotland


I saw this image on the Russian web (on vK, to be exact). Unlike Anglo Americans, Russians take an active interest in the world and know much about it. This image is of the latest “Raisin Weekend” at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. It’s supposedly #3 in the UK rankings, but many believe that it isn’t as snobbish as the Oxbridge colleges are. Indeed, many of the Oxbridge colleges are inferior institutions tacked onto the university… much like the Catholic college attached to Oxford where Prince George (Mariya Vladimirovna’s idiot son) earned a “gentleman’s C” (that is, a failure for anyone else). The following is taken from the Wikipedia article:

Raisin Weekend celebrates the relationship between the Bejants/Bejantines (First-Year students) and their respective Academic Parents. in St. Andrews’ tradition, the Parents guide and mentor the newbies in their time at University. Tradition says that students went up to study with a sack of oatmeal and a barrel of salt-herring as staple foods to last them a term. Therefore, anything more exotic was a luxury. In return for the guidance from academic parents, a further tradition sprang up of rewarding these “parents” with a pound of raisins. Since the 19th century, the giving of raisins transformed into the giving of a more modern alternative… such as a bottle of wine. In return for the raisins or equivalent present, the “parents” give their “children” a formal receipt (the Raisin Receipt) composed in Latin. Over time, this receipt progressively became more elaborate and often humorous. They write the receipt on anything and the Bejant/Bejantine must carry it everywhere on the morning of Raisin Monday until midday.

Raisin Weekend occurs annually. Affairs often begin with a tea party (or similar) thrown by the “mothers” and then a pub-crawl or house party led by the “fathers”. It’s common for several academic families to combine in the latter stages of the revels. At midday, all the First-Years gather in the Quad of St Salvator’s College to compare their receipts and also to be open to challenge from older students who may look for errors in the Latin of the receipt (an almost inevitable occurrence). Upon detection of such errors, the bearer may be required to sing the Gaudie. In recent years, the gathering culminated in a shaving-foam fight. Raisin Weekend also became synonymous with binge drinking and a certain amount of humiliation of “academic children”, commonly involving embarrassing costumes or drinking games. The University Students’ Association provides a special First Aid hotline for Raisin Weekend.


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