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Sunday, 29 October 2017

29 October 2017. Remember the REAL Cost of America’s Warmongering


The warmongering of the neoliberal élite has a cost. No, I’m not talking about the stupendous monetary cost. I’m talking about the human cost of these wars for global hegemony. The élite doesn’t send its sons to die in their wars. No, not at all. They send YOUR sons to die in their wars. Remember what Russian people say:

They all had faces; they all had names.

Remember this well… none of the élite’s kids is amongst the dead. NONE. The rankers come from the working and lower classes, the officers come from the middle class. None come from élite families. As your sons die, the sons of the élite fuck coeds and get plastered. If you believe a word about “defence”, you’re terminally-stupid and no one can help you. However, I think that Americans are waking up to reality. When they do, the Mar-a-Lago commandoes had best have their guns handy… for ordinary folks do have them and know how to use them (the Repugs would find out that their advocacy of laissez-faire gun laws would boomerang on them).

The people will tolerate the loss of their sons for only so long… the élite forgets that true patriotism engenders a true love of country, something that the élite lacks in spades. They’ll learn in due course…



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