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Sunday, 5 November 2017

LNR Repairs Monument to the Republic’s Defenders After Ukrop Terrorists Vandalised It


Lugansk people laid flowers at the repaired Monument to the Republic’s Defenders. The monument suffered minor damage in a small terrorist explosion on 1 August 2017. Ukrops attacked the monument before. The sculpture sustained minor damage in a terrorist incident during the night of 1 September 2016. Then, the authorities had the monument repaired by late September. LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky dedicated the memorial on 12 May 2015, LNR Republic Day. Honoured Sculptor of the Ukraine Viktor Gorbulin headed the memorial construction. Specialists from Russia, the DNR, and Kiev participated in the design and construction of the project.

4 November 2017

Novorussia News



5 November 2017. “Hedgehog in the Fog”: The Best Multifilm Ever Made



Many animators consider Ёжик в тумане (Hedgehog in the Fog) one of the best-made multifilms ever. The plot is simple… a little hedgehog is on his way to visit his friend the bear cub. The two would meet every night to drink tea from the cub’s samovar. As they drank their tea, the hedgehog and the bear would chat and count the stars together. The 10-minute film is about Hedgehog’s misadventures on one of his trips to visit the Bear Cub. This is one of the most-loved Sov-era multifilms, and people still view it today.

As for the quote from the film, I’ll simply say that the only kind of friendship that I extend is the real kind. I don’t deal in alliances or temporary setups. If I extend friendship to you, trust me, you can expect me to treat your confidences as sacred. Have people betrayed me, with people that I thought friends being otherwise? Certainly… that’s why I only offer real friendship. I don’t offer it lightly. Most people aren’t worth it. The most-untrustworthy lot are clergy… I’ve never met so many phonies and poseurs in my life as I have amongst this cohort. That’s why I find honest clergy a real find. To say that such are rare finds is an understatement…


5 November 2017. Dr Jill on the “War on Terror”


Outrageous: the disastrous, counterproductive “War on Terror” has cost the USA 250 million USD (14.77 billion Roubles. 1.66 billion Renminbi. 16.18 billion INR. 319.16 million CAD. 326.8 million AUD. 215.16 million Euros. 191.15 million UK Pounds) per day for the last 16 years as communities across America crumbled.

Jill Stein

5 November 2017. Brother Ajamu Tells It Like It Is


When history judges this period of neo-McCarthyism, we’ll see that Democrats like Senator Diane Feinstein were nothing but criminals.

One former US intelligence officer, who served in a clandestine capacity in Africa, told me that there’s little likelihood that the USA knows who actually killed these men. However, it’s convenient to point the finger at ISIS. There’s no need for any evidence.

4 November 2017

Ajamu Baraka


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