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Friday, 10 November 2017

They Came To Take Away Their Tips


I personally despise Trump. I mean for personal reasons. It’s about a little thing. Maybe not so little. Quintessential, perhaps.

A few decades ago, my daughter had a job at one of those industrial-strength wedding-Sweet Sixteen-Lions Club Dinner venues, where she was a coat check worker. At the end of the evening, the management would come by, and in front of the staff, extract the tips, giving each worker a small pittance of the gratuities, keeping the rest. Because my daughter was a beautiful and efficient worker, the tip jar was often full of money customers gave her. Management pocketed most of it.

This is what Donald J Trump wants to happen to the already-impoverished restaurant workers, who receive maybe 3 USD (178 Roubles. 20 Renminbi. 196 INR. 3.81 CAD. 3.91 AUD. 2.58 Euros. 2.28 UK Pounds) an hour in food establishments across the USA, giving owners the right to the tips of the workers. This represents Capital’s Iron Hand pounding workers into the ground, its rictus mouth shrieking, “You’re lucky to have this job on my private property!”

Donald J Trump (and all of his policies in service to the ruling class) represents everything that’s vile and cruel about Capitalism. Let’s hope more people become outraged against this system, which produces nothing but legalised exploitation and suffering… and to rise up against these iniquities… soon.

7 November 2017

Heather Cottin



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