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Sunday, 12 November 2017

12 November 2017. He Who Says That Time Heals Has Never Known Love…

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I don’t remember exactly where I saw this… but it was on vK in the RuNet. I believe that it’s a quote from one Russian writer or other…



12 November 2017. Beware Both the “Conservative” and “Liberal” Trolls in the Cyberworld

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A moderator in a group that I once belonged to pandered to a person who described himself as a “social conservative” on a supposedly leftist website. That person used the venue to “out” someone. The moderator merely “warned” the culprit (who called himself “Ryan Isaac”, if that’s their real name) and kicked me out because I supposedly “told him what to do”. That is, he allowed a self-described “conservative” and kicked out a leftist in a supposedly Left FB group. In another group, they told me to “unblock” one of the admins… in public, no less, not in a PM. Supposedly, they were anti-Trump… in reality, they were pro-Hillary, a rather different animal. Being anti-Trump simply wasn’t good enough… friends told me that the moderator was anti-MP, Russophobic, and intolerant of those who opposed him. I guess blocking one of his buddies meant that I merited a public pillorying. Great “liberal” tolerance, wasn’t it?

Trolls of any sort… including “social conservatives”… deserve no quarter. NONE. I’ve dealt with them for years. If you give them “mercy”, they only regroup and attack again. I’ll be clear… to “warn” a troll is unwise. They simply attack again. For them, if someone “transgresses” any of their made-up rules, why, anything is fair in attacking them. No decency or civility is necessary… one simply destroys the “other” in as nasty a fashion as possible. Many so-called “Liberals” are the same… if you don’t repeat their shibboleths chapter-and-verse, they descend just as nastily as the “conservatives” do. They’re trolls in just the same fashion… they just have more smarmy rhetoric, that’s all.

I’ve found people with “religious” tie-ins to be especially lenient with such trolls. This is crackbrained. Trolls are about… both Trumpkin “conservatives” and Hillarybot “liberals”. Both are equally reprehensible. Have a care… trolls abound in the cyberworld and moderators seem to tolerate them. Don’t take it personally if some group tosses you… it merely means that you’ve pissed off an admin or moderator. Look at the good side…  you learned something about them, and that’s always a positive thing.

Keep smilin’… that really riles ‘em…


12 November 2017. Things Have Gotten WORSE, not Better, In Two Years


I wrote this in March 2015:

I now hate everything that the Washington establishment stands for. Their mendacity and greed know no bounds. Of the GOP and the Democrats, at least the Republicans are openly evil… the establishment Democrats are as bad, but they have a smarmy exterior. That’s why many people don’t want either Clinton or an establishment GOPer to run. America stands at a crossroads. It’s goading a country that can strike back. As D K Kiselyov put it, “Russia can turn the American heartland into a smouldering radioactive cinder”. If Russia felt that its existence was at stake, it WOULD use nukes. The fecklessness of the Anglo Americans is breathtaking in its ignorance and stupidity. THEY BELIEVE THEIR OWN LIES. They really believe that they’re the best in the world and chosen of God. God help us all… not only are the times evil, but we must stop the malevolent greedster Anti-Christian ideology of the Anglo establishment. If you want to see the Apocalypse embodied… go to any American country club… I need say no more.

I need only say that since then things have gotten worse and not better. May the good God preserve us.


12 November 2017. How to End Arguments With Toll-House Nutters


If some half-salted idiot starts nattering crackbrained nonsense like the toll-houses or dribbling about the latest “guru” elder, don’t get suckered into a pointless argument. Be wise like a serpent, as the Apostle bade us. If someone spouts such rubbish, simply say:

The toddlers do say such INTERESTING things, don’t they?

AFTER THAT, SMILE WICKEDLY. Only then, come out and say:

There are many mansions in Our Lord’s House. That’s only one. I choose not to live in it.

That’ll normally lead to a pause. They truly don’t know how to respond. Then, say with great emphasis:

Orthodoxy is the freest of all the Churches. We’re not a gulag or prison-house. Do think on that… and not just for five minutes.

Then, break off all further discussion, bidding them to think about it for at least a month or so, considering the ENTIRE debate, not just the konvertsy pabulum. It just may work… for some, at least. After all, I AM an “elder” (63-years-old) and that does mean something.


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