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Monday, 25 December 2017

25 December 2017. It’s Catholic Christmas… Joy to Those Keeping It

The Nativity of Christ

Daniel Mitsui

undated (early 2000s?)


A very happy feast to my Catholic and Protestant friends. I hope that your holiday was pleasant and joyful. Our Nativity feast is coming up on 7 January…



25 December 2017. Two SNARKY Demots on Xmas… Tongue-in-Cheek, I Might Add!





Now, that being said, I don’t much care for Grinches or unrepentant Scrooges. I truly wish a wonderful holiday for those who keep it. However, ya gotta admit it… these two demots are DROP-DEAD FUNNY. This is the only day of the year that I can use ’em…

Have a laugh and pass the pivo… life is too short for us to be too serious about it…


25 December 2017. Why Does the USA REALLY Support Israel?

The State of Israel is squatting on Palestinian land… what does that say about the USA? Do recall the Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee…


The real reason for the USA’s support of Israel has nothing to do with religion… both are settler societies founded on the premise that “superior” races have the right and duty to suppress and supersede “inferior” races… including taking over their lands and occupying them. There’s no substantial difference between Manifest Destiny and Zionism… hence the closeness and affinity.


Brother Ajamu on Why “Liberals” Are More Evil than “Conservatives” Are


We won’t forget that our liberal “friends” led the charge to allow capitalist corporations and the capitalist state to limit access to information at the high point of the systems legitimation crisis. This is why I consider liberals more of a threat than conservatives are.

17 December 2017

Ajamu Baraka


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