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Thursday, 28 December 2017

28 December 2017. VVP on American Hubris and Arrogance


Hillary Clinton isn’t only unprincipled, corrupt, and amoral… she demands hero-worship at all times. Her nose gets out of joint if one doesn’t kiss her ass incessantly and vociferously. Vladimir Vladimirovich refuses to kiss her ass…  he also doesn’t demonise her, but he won’t kiss her ass. Hillary hates all those who won’t be her sycophants… therefore, in her eyes (and in the eyes of her besotted followers), Putin is “evil” and she must destroy him. However, that’s beyond her power, so she throws juvenile tantrums and bootless hissy fits, repeated verbatim by her more-than-Stalinist claque. Be charitable to anyone in your circle of friends who happens to run amongst the Hillarybots… they’re a rather totalitarian lot, so some will say some rather nasty and untoward things in public… forgive them, for they’ll do anything demanded of them by their group (why, I don’t know… I’m simply observing what’s there). I’m thinking of one person in particular… I prefer to recall the person who showed kindness in the past… not the lockstep partisan that I see today. You’d do well to do likewise. We’re Christians… that’s what we do…



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