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Monday, 1 January 2018

1 January 2018. Peace in the Donbass in 2018… America Out of Holy Rus!


If we are to have a lasting peace with honour and dignity, the USA has to get out of all historical Rus… it must get out of all territories of the former USSR… it must cease its sanctions against the legitimate Russian government and stop supporting the fascist juntas in the Ukraine and the Baltic states. This would prove that the USA had no hostile intentions and no aggressive plans against historical Rus and the Russian state that embodies it. America has no legitimate interests in Holy Rus… it must leave as its nothing but a poacher and thief.

America lost in South Ossetia in 2008… it lost at Sevastopol in 2014… it looks as though it may lose in the Donbass in 2018. I’d say that this was an argument in favour of Anglo American stupidity, hubris, and arrogance. Take care… they’re peevish toddlers with nukes… the world is unsafe as a result. May God preserve us from such juvenile delinquents and their tantrums (that goes for both Trumpkins and Clintonistas).



Aleksei Zhuravko: Trash Piles Up in Kherson


Dear Friends!

The municipal authorities in Kherson didn’t even bother to remove the trash in the city on New Year’s Eve. The piles of rubbish near their entrances shocked everybody in town. Oleg, a Kherson homie, said:

Well, honestly, it’s really too much. Lies… more lies… this wasn’t the first time. I wonder… when are they going to clean it all up?

People say that you’ll spend the year the same way that you met it. One of my New Year wishes for 2018 is that the current [Ukrainian] régime will end on the rubbish tip of history.

In respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

1 January 2018

Aleksei Zhuravko


1 January 2018. I Am That Bread of Life


1 January 2018. My New Year Wish for All My Friends… Real-Life and Online


My wish is that all of you have as little misfortune in the coming year as is possible. May you have a happy home life and a tolerable work-life. May there be little discord in your families and good relations with friends. My vow to you is that I’ll be as true as I’ve always been. I’ll never betray a confidence, I’ll always keep your correspondence private (and never name you as a source unless explicitly allowed), and I’ll defend you to the best of my ability.

That is, I offer my friendship… I have little else… money, power, and influence have I none. However… I’ll have your back, always and everywhere. Love to all of you. Remember… love rules this house… the love of life, love of God, love of humanity, love of justice, love of the truth, and love for you, my friends. If love doesn’t rule, you may as well lay down and die…

Be good and be well in the coming year.

You have a friend…


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