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Monday, 1 January 2018

1 January 2018. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Niagara Falls in Canada… FROZEN Almost Solid


This is how cold it is in the Northeast at present. Niagara Falls is almost frozen solid. BRRR… I need add no more…



1 January 2018. Some Musings On the New Year…


This year, I’ll be 64-years-old. If it was 20-odd years ago, I’d be preparing for retirement. That’s not the case anymore… thanks to the Clintons, Bush II, and Obama. The neoliberals gutted the retirement system to reward their fatcat sugar-daddies. Nowadays, if one wants a full Social Security cheque, one has to wait until 70 (that age was 65 until the Clintons). I’m going to have to work as long as I’m physically able to, with the hope that I can get to 70 to receive my full retirement allotment.

If it appears that I don’t view the future with optimism, you’re correct. I’ve seen the rights and compensation of working people go into the toilet since the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan. That’s why I hate Rod Dreher and James Jatras… and everything that they stand for. They’ve consciously become shills for the oligarchs… they cheerlead the raping of our country by the super-rich, cloaking it all in pseudo-religious and pseudo-moralistic verbiage. Their yelps about the “persecution” of Christians is pure moonshine… I’ll tell you why anti-theistic atheism is on the march… the false religion and morals offered by the likes of Dreher and Jatras (and those like them).

However, I refuse to bow before such filth, nor do I intend to just quietly submit to their distortion and perversion of our Orthodox heritage. In the coming year, I vow to keep the faith and fight all “conservative” and “liberal” slimers with all my powers. There is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats… no real difference between Clinton and Trump… no real difference between the neoliberal factions (“liberals” and “conservatives” both lick the ass of the oligarchs and shit on the common people).

Yet… we may have seen the worst of it. The younger people are restless under the debt imposed on them by the likes of Clinton and Trump… I’d say that a spectre haunts Mar-a-Lago… God grant that I live to see it…


1 January 2018. URA! It’s the New Year! FEAST, FEAST, FEAST!


There are three major holidays in the Russian consciousness… New Year, Easter, and Victory Day. Yes… Christmas isn’t as big a deal as it is in the West, but as one Russian priest wrote me:

Why should we give up such an ADVANTAGE? It means that the secular holiday centres on New Year, not Christ’s Nativity, which is more of a Christian intramural holiday (which is what it should be). We focus on the Incarnation and what it means to us. As for me, I was in the USA for one of your Christmases. It repelled me. It had all the bad aspects of Russian New Year, with few of its good things, all layered over with a pseudo-religious veneer. No… I think that our way is best.

It’s time to feast… most Orthodox Russians lay aside the Nativity Lent for a day. That’s not in the books… that’s how it works out in real-life. Have a most wondrous holiday and do pass the jug… it’s time to PARTY!


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