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Monday, 8 January 2018

Brother Ajamu Speaks: The Normalisation of Craziness

What do we do when craziness is “normal?” Yes… the inmates are running the asylum… in both the Repugs and Dems… may the good God preserve us!


Talk about crazy… when your élite leaders from both parties talk about nuclear war and constant warmongering, and the public accepts it as normal. The same public that thinks the USA is a champion of human rights. If Trump’s crazy, he isn’t the only one in the USA.

7 January 2018

Ajamu Baraka



There’s no difference between Trumpkin Bumpkins and Hillarybot Upper-Middles… both applaud warmongering and both scream that those of us who supported “other” candidates in 2016 were “spoilers”. The Clintonistas are as bat-shit crazy as the Trumpkins are… they merely have more money and “respectability”. That makes them “worse”… not “better”…


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