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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

9 January 2018. “Ask a Genuine Orthodox Priest”… What an Imposture!


I saw a rancid little page on FB today… “Ask a Genuine Orthodox Priest”.

I shit you not!


Of course, it’s a “closed” group, so none but the cognoscenti and approved pure ones can see the posts. We of the great unwashed don’t count, I guess. Need I say that the page is run by a bunch of schismo GOCs? GOCs are “Greek Old Calendarists”… they’re outside the Church and have no intention of reconciling with her. That’s to say, no decent Orthodox Christian, either Eastern or Oriental, should read or interact with these posturing scumbags.

I think it’s time to reiterate my standard warnings. Much of what’s posted on the internet as “Orthodox” isn’t official, it doesn’t reflect the teaching of the Church, nor does it have any oversight by our bishops or those delegated by them. Let me give you some examples… Fr Vazken is kosher… he appears on his diocese’s official website. Patriarchia.ru is kosher to the max… it’s the official MP website. Shevkunov’s website is dodgy… it isn’t official, and it mostly reflects the opinions of the Vorobyov Mafia (an archpriestly clique in Moscow). Russian Faith is rotten to the core, Hard Right bloviating in religious drag, and full of lies and distortions. It claims that the communists killed 300,000 priests. There were never more than 30,000 priests in Russia… so one can see that their lies aren’t only egregious, they’re sloppy in the extreme. Stay away from people like Freeman, Damick, Trenham, and Dreher… none of them have any higher studies in theology in an Orthodox institution (most only have an MDiv… some have worthless heretical formation).


Go to a real-life Orthodox parish… go to the liturgy… be amongst your fellow Christians. THAT’S where “genuine Orthodoxy” exists and nowhere else. If you think that you’re going to find it on the internet… you silly wabbit, you! Most of what floats around in cyberspace isn’t truly Orthodox at all, it doesn’t have any higher validation… it’s just the opinion of this or that self-appointed guru. Go to your local parish and put a fin in the techka… it won’t be perfect, but it’ll be the Church and Christ IS in our midst there AND NOWHERE ELSE.

See ya in church on Sunday…



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