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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

10 January 2018. VVP on Provocations… USA Beware


The USA is doing its best to provoke V V Putin. This is unwise in the extreme… if Putin believed that the USA would use either the Ukraine or the Baltics as a base for strategic weapons, he’d strike and take over these regions within a week. The only way that the USA could stop the Russian forces would be with nuclear weapons… to put it bluntly, the USA doesn’t believe that these regions are important enough to warrant that. So far, Putin believes that most of the USA’s rhetoric is mere bluster, a sop to the Galician Uniate and Baltic minorities (who’ve been faithful and feral running-dogs of the Anglos since the end of the VOV). If he were to think that the USA was  going to emplace strategic weapons in these regions, he’d strike without warning, and accept the consequences.

The USA couldn’t prevent the takeover of the rest of the Ukraine nor could it defend the Baltics (not with their large Russian populations, who’d help their Russian liberators). You can’t say that VVP is duplicitous… he stated his position quite frankly… that’s quite unlike both Trump and Clinton, isn’t it? That tells you something about their respective characters… and about those who support them. Ponder that…


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