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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Isn’t It My Country?


I’m Ukrainian. Explain to me why I should praise Bandera if my grandfather died in Rovno at the hands of the fascists and their Banderovtsy running-dogs. Why should I have to go to kill my brother in the Donbass just because he protects his family from bandits who seized power in an armed coup, who sicced the army against our brothers? Why should I believe the “Ukrainian” media If I know that they lie? Why should I be silent and be afraid of SBU prisons or ultranationalist thugs in my country just because I know the truth and see their lies? Why should I have to go to Europe? I want to live in the Ukraine, in a Russian Ukraine, and teach my children in Russian… the language of my ancestors since the time of Kievan Rus. After all, why do I have to hide and be afraid to say that I’m a Russian Ukrainian? Why do I have to pay for rent and utilities more than I earn, even though no one asked me if I we should have these IMF loans on such terms and if we should have this association with the EU?

How will our fathers and grandfathers survive? Why do the oligarchs who stole everything that our parents created have so much? Why am I a foreigner in my own country? Why am I an outcast in my country and persecuted for my beliefs? I’m Ukrainian… yet, they can cheat, terrorise, humiliate, and kill me, and I can’t even strike back. If it’s the Ukraine, then, why do I, a Ukrainian, find it unbearable to live my life in my country? Isn’t it my country? Aren’t I the master of it? Why are Georgians, Americans, Jews, Balts, and Poles telling me how to live in my country? Hey… you politicians in Georgia, the USA, Israel, the Baltic states, and Poland! This is my country… it’s my Ukraine! I’m Ukrainian… a Russian Ukrainian. I’ll clean up my house if it needs it. Be good.

12 January 2018

Yuri Kot



14 January 2018. Only in Russia… It’s Old New Year!



Today is Old New Year in Russia! Yes… that’s an unofficial Russian holiday. You see, 14 January is 1 January on the Julian Calendar that the Orthodox Church uses. Therefore, many people (including many non-religious sorts) hold a second New Year celebration on that day. A leftist friend of mine emailed me:

People are abandoning the Fast less and less at New Years. There are Communist New Year’s Parties where (out of respect for Believers) a table groans under the weight of delicious Lenten delicacies… lobster, shrimp, oysters, herring, caviar, savoury Persian and Caucasian vegan treats, Lenten pirozhki, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, and so much more. Plus, there’s an open bar of the best champagne, vodka, and Cuban & Haitian rum. Of course, they have a table full of meat and dairy items for secular people. However, those Comrades who observe the Nativity Fast can keep both the letter of the Church’s law and, with moderation, its spirit.

That’s why many keep the Old New Year… it allows them to have the meat n’ dairy delicacies that they abstained from on 1 January (many Orthodox Christians abstain until 7 January, the Julian date for the Nativity). Then, there are the party animals, for whom any excuse will do for a shindig.

To the Old New Year! Lift a glass and cheer!


14 January 2018. From Sea to (Not So) Shining Sea… What Will Future Generations Say of Us?


Trump’s order opening all areas to grasping corporate rape shall reverberate for generations, even if it’s repealed in 2019 (if the GOP loses Congress, which may very well happen). the plug-uglies will have a year to dump all sorts of shit into the environment. It takes a LONG time to clean up the mess left by a short period of rapine. It took the USSR a full generation to truly recover from the mess that the fascists left… it’d take longer to recover from the objective fouling that the corporatists would leave in our seas, rivers, wetlands, and wilderness areas.

If this doesn’t prove to you that the Republicans are evil… nothing will. Mind you, Dems are all too often like that, too. However, they’d overturn this just for the sake of utzing Trump. Sometimes, the evil do good despite themselves… this would be one such case.


14 January 2018. For A Dear Rusin Friend of Mine


The Rusins are a small nation in the midst of East Central Europe. Under the Dual Monarchy, they were in Hungary. In the interwar years, they were part of Czechoslovakia. During World War II, they reverted to Hungary. Postwar, the Soviets arbitrarily added them to the Ukrainian SSR. After 1991, they were (and are) the victims of Galician Uniate cultural imperialism. Today… they want to be free. Most Rusin people see freedom in a renewed federal relationship with the Magyars, and Hungary is receptive to that (besides Rusins, many ethnic Magyars live in their homeland). Of course, the Galician Uniates don’t want this and are trying to force Podkarpatskaya Krai to remain “Ukrainian”. I believe that this won’t succeed. The Rusins are one of the smaller nationalities in Europe, but they’ve retained a distinct national consciousness, one that rejects Galician Uniate “Ukrainianism” in all its aspects. Podkarpatskaya Rus will be free… no American-imposed Galician occupation shall stop it. It’ll delay it… it’ll make it suffer like the rest of the notional “Ukraine” does under incompetent Galician Uniate fascist rule. However, the Rusins WILL be free…

I’m Great Russian myself… but most Russians support the aspirations of Rusins to be free of Galician Uniate oppression. The Galician Uniates were willing, feral, and brutal lickspittle servants of the American Deep State since 1945 (as they were willing executioners for the Habsburgs and Nazi fascists before them)… do you really want to support such a pack of running-dogs? Let the little peoples like the Rusins decide their own fate… they were never “Ukrainians”… they aren’t “Ukrainian” now… they’ll never be “Ukrainian”. Let their land be free… note well that “democracy” promoters such as Obama and Clinton never let them be free… nor did any other American president. What does that tell you about Anglo Americans? A great deal… none of it good…


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